Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Mad Men' riding the wave of success

I love this show. Didn't think I would. Jon Hamm (pictured) should win best actor Emmy as it is well deserved.

Frazier Moore writes:
Let's twist again as we did last summer! Mad Men returns Sunday on the AMC cable channel. Now it's February 1962, and as the season premiere gets going, Chubby Checker proclaims, "Twistin' time is here." Here's an interesting twist: Mad Men is being welcomed back with a whirlwind of attention, accelerating what had been a steady build. Critics' raves and the small but ecstatic audience a year ago were followed by a pair of Golden Globes and then a Peabody Award. In recent weeks, the show scored cover stories in Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times Magazine, while popping up in GQ and Vanity Fair. Then last Thursday, Mad Men was top drama in Emmy's eyes, with 16 nominations, including those for best series and for star Jon Hamm. READ MORE

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