Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hollywood's hottest leading man of the small screen: Jon Hamm

I know this is my fourth post about Jon Hamm, the talented and handsome star - rumoured to be a shoe-in for the Best Actor Emmy this year - of AMC's hit drama Mad Men, in little over a month - but I'm not obsessing, really I'm not. OK, I am crushing on him a wee bit... alright, a lot. Mad Men has turned out to be one of my favourite shows. Some people I know had only tuned into to the first episode of the series and pronounced it "not my cup of tea". However, I can strongly recommend that if you stay with the series until after episode 4 of the first season (which is now on DVD) you'll be well-rewarded. Mad Men is one of the best written and best acted shows on TV, this or any other year, and Jon Hamm, as the lead Don Draper, is now one of the most talked-about actors in Hollywood. Below, you'll find an entertaining profile of Hamm by writer Joel Stein. Enjoy!

Best Life/ Joel Stein writes:
I am hoping Jon Hamm will be wearing a concert T-shirt, reading a comic book, or eating a cupcake. Maybe in person he'll be a little nervous about being interviewed for the cover story of a national magazine, emitting a Beavis laugh at everything he says. I sincerely hope that he'll be nothing like the Brylcreemed, three-piece suited, silent, confident character he plays on Mad Men—not only because I have no idea what to say to that guy, but also because that kind of guy makes me feel bad about myself. READ MORE

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