Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oops! Sussex Police in the UK directs residents to hardcore gay porn by accident!

UK Pink News reports:
Sussex Police were trying to promote their Operation Beat Sweep, a program to tackle anti-social behaviour from gun crime on a leaflet. But instead of recommending residents visit their website, they printed the website address as, a domain name owned by an unrelated party that utlizes it to promote links to gay pornographic websites.

It is likely that the pornographic links are displayed due the "sex" in Sussex. The combination of "police" and "sex" in the same keyword is likely to explain why police strippers are advertised. Resident, Lucy Daley, of Haywards Heath is quoted in the press as being: "absolutely horrified" by the advertising. "It certainly wasn't what I had been expecting, and I'm just glad I got there first before my kids decided to take a look," she said. READ MORE