Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Margaret Cho forces a little reality into her fantasy life on The Cho Show

Dennis Hensley writes:
About 10 miles north of downtown Los Angeles lies a hillside community called Montrose that’s so charmingly retro it’s often used to represent Main Street, USA, in movies like Pleasantville. It’s not the kind of place where residents typically discuss their recent anal bleaching over chicken wraps, but then Margaret Cho isn’t your typical resident. “The bleaching was surprisingly easy and refreshing,” says the veteran stand-up comic over lunch at one of her favorite neighborhood cafés, the Black Cow. “The woman at the bleaching place showed me before and after pictures. It was hilarious because the way she was holding her hands on the ass, it was like she had entered it in the county fair.”

This is just one of the many adventures you’ll see on Cho’s new VH1 pseudo-reality venture, The Cho Show. In other episodes she sidles up to San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom as he names April 30 Margaret Cho Day, speaks at the high school that expelled her for bad grades 20-some years ago, and takes a needle to her G-spot in an attempt to boost her sexual sensitivity. “The G-shot is a separate episode from the anal bleaching,” she stresses. “I like to keep the vagina and the anus separate. Don’t mix ’em. You’ll get a hangover.” READ MORE