Monday, December 01, 2008

Kwanten Physics

Alan Ball's HBO hit series, TRUE BLOOD, stars hunk actor Ryan Kwanten. Here's an excerpt from an interview Ryan did with Bill Keith for OUT magazine.

Bill Keith writes:
Flaunting convention, the former Australian soap star, who plays the show’s resident sex addict, Jason Stackhouse, spends more time out of his clothes than any of the female leads and is rarely seen in anything more than a tank top or tight-fitting tee. “One of the grips working on the show was joking that he sees me naked more than he does his girlfriend,” Kwanten laughs. “We come from a very open-minded society in Australia, so I guess it’s a lot more acceptable, and it’s not seen as that much of a shock. In terms of the various sexual positions that I find myself in, I’m sure that’s still a shock no matter who or where you come from. But it’s all part of the fun I think,” he says. READ MORE

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