Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Lair's Gay Vampires Return for Season 3

Those sexy Here TV vampires are back for season 3 of The Lair, September 4th. The show has a following, but it has been criticized for its poor acting and low production values. Still, it's fun in a campy kind of way and all the vampires are allergic to shirts! So, hey, what's not to like?

Jody Wheeler writes:
This is the best looking of THE LAIR's seasons. Moody lighting and sets that don't look like leftovers from the local high school are a big improvements over Season One and a refinement of Season Two's efforts. But is the show itself an improvement? That's the question I've already gotten from folks after disclosing I'd gotten the screeners. Reviews of THE LAIR have always been mixed, especially over at the site I edit, doorQ.com. My answer to that is... it's a soap. That's not me avoiding the question, just pointing out that, from what I've seen, the new season of THE LAIR is a more polished rendition of the previous two. If you loved those outings, then you'll love the new season. READ MORE

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