Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Renaissance of Thom Bierdz

Actor Thom Bierdz, who this past May, returned to the popular CBS daytime drama, The Young and The Restless, to reprise his role as Phillip Chancellor III, is experiencing both a career and personal renaissance this year. Not only did his character make a stunning return from the dead as a now openly gay man (!), with an adult son, no less, he has also been chosen by the Human Rights Campaign to receive their Visibility Award, this September 12th.

Bierdz was always a favourite of mine on the Y & R, so I was doubly pleased to see that one of my favourite entertainment writers, Nelson Branco, recently profiled Bierdz for Out.com.

Nelson Branco (pictured) writes:
Twenty years after leaving The Young and the Restless, Thom Bierdz and the character he created returned to daytime -- and this time, they've both come out. With subplots involving alien abductions, rogue clones, and vampires in the everything-goes world of soap operas, it takes more than faking your own death in a drunk-driving accident to get a rise out of veteran daytime television fans. But when your character returns from the grave after two decades and immediately saunters out of the closet, viewers tend to take notice. READ MORE

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