Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital

As a longtime viewer of ABC's daytime drama, General Hospital, I was really shocked by the news that the handsome and talented, Greg Vaughan will not be playing the role of Lucky Spencer anymore. The producers have convinced Jonathan Jackson to return and reprise the role. Jackson played the character as a child and later as a teen in the pivotal Luke and Laura family storylines. Jackson's scenes are scheduled to begin airing on October 27th. TV Guide has an interview with Jackson discussing his return to the fictional town of Port Charles.

TV Guide reports:
Though the decision to re-cast seemingly came out of nowhere, the official word from ABC is that Vaughan “has decided to leave GH and vacate the role to explore new opportunities.” Vaughan, on the other hand, has Twittered to his fans that he got the axe. Here, in a TV Guide Magazine exclusive, the Emmy-winning Jackson talks about his sudden return to Port Charles.

TVGuide: Did you ever imagine you’d reclaim the role after it was re-cast with Greg Vaughan?

Jonathan Jackson: I guess I always felt like there was a possibility somewhere, just because of the connection the audience has with Lucky, and with me playing him. So, yeah, I always felt it was a possibility. I was determined to work with Tony Geary again no matter what. It’s shocking how everything has aligned.

TVGuide: You played Lucky as a kid and a teen. Now you’ll get the chance to play him as a mature adult.

Jonathan Jackson: That’s going to be fascinating and fun for me and a bit of a paradox. I’m coming back to play the character as an adult but because I don’t know what that really means yet, I’ll be like a child—coming into it with a sense of wonder and curiosity because it’ll all be so new. I have no idea what this is going to feel like.

Read full interview here.

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