Thursday, October 01, 2009

(UPDATED) Mad Men's Bryan Batt and partner Tom Cianfichi planning a Christmas wedding?

The "Mad Men" star is said to be planning to wed his longtime partner, Tom Cianfichi, this coming Christmas in Vermont, quotes a source to the National Enquirer. The couple have been together for more than eighteen years. Bryan Batt has yet to comment on the wedding report.

AceShowBiz reports:
"They're leaning toward a Christmas wedding in Vermont," reveals the source. "Bryan is at the top of his game professionally, and they've never been happier." Wedding arrangements reportedly have been worked on by Bryan and Tom. They "already consider themselves married, and are registered as domestic partners in New Orleans," claims an insider. "Tom's working on the wedding arrangements, and with their combined style and taste; it's certain to be a big event. They intend to pull out all the stops."

UPDATE (October 8th, 2009)

Batt and partner not marrying, just yet

Buddy TV reports:
Mad Men actor Bryan Batt is not getting married to partner Tom Cianfichi, at least not any time soon, contrary to reports that cited the National Enquirer claiming Batt and Cianfichi, an event planner, were planning a Christmas wedding in Vermont.

There are "currently no plans for the couple to get married at this time," Batt's rep said in a statement. "Their goal is to eventually marry, but the time has yet to be determined and will not happen this year," the statement read. "There must have been miscommunication in reporting the story that ran in the October 12th issue."

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