Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tres días muy calientes en One Life to Live (Three very hot days on One Life To Live)

Agua Caliente, la primera parte

What a hot week it was, on one of my favourite daytime serials, the ABC drama, One Life To Live. Here now, is my account of the hot and the wet highlights:

Let's begin with the Wednesday, August 26th episode. Best scene of the episode was a flagrant rip-off of the famous Hugh Jackman water bucket scene from Hugh's movie, Australia. I hardly minded, however, as the object of the water bucket's affection turned out to be the abs-solutely studly David A. Gregory, who just joined the show as Ford, a reality TV show producer for the inimitable David Vickers Buchanan (Tuc Watkins).

I could see from the get-go that David A. Gregory was a real cutie, but who knew he was going to be given this exciting opportunity to be audience eye candy, lol? And did you see that close up? OMG, those eyes and lips... oh, and that sexy voice, too. Needless to say, Ford's 'scorching' drenching really pegged the ol' hot-o-meter. Special thanks must go to the episode's director and camera operator for lingering on Ford's very enticing abs.

Agua Caliente, la segunda parte

Day Two, Thursday, August 27th, and OLTL is still on a hot streak. I was happy to see a little bit of a carryover scene with my new BBF (that's Best Boyfriend), Ford, aka actor David A. Gregory. He had his shirt back on, but thankfully, he was directed to keep it open to show off those killer abs. But wait, there's more...

On this episode, just prior to Ford's exit from the stable, a jealous Markko Rivera finds his girlfriend, Langston, making goo-goo eyes at the glistening Ford. Showing Langston that he can equally compete for her attentions, Markko proceeds to strip off his shirt (!) and pour water down his slender torso, and we get more gratuitous male eye candy.

The actor who plays Markko, isn't just a pretty face, btw. The Hawaiian-born Jason Tam (pictured above) is a talented musical theatre vet at the still tender age of 27. He's appeared in numerous musical productions, including the 2006 Broadway revival of A Chorus Line, but One Life To Live is his highest profile gig to date.

OLTL, Day Three: "Look at those nipples!"

That's a direct quote from my partner, CJ, after he got a good gander at the firm, rounded pecs of the newest addition to the OLTL Hunk Parade, on Friday, August 28th. Six-foot two, shirtless and hairy-chested Michael Lowry made his debut in today's episode, looking all buffed and 'Big Kahuna'-like, as the mysterious Ross Raymond/Rayburn.

Fans of ABC's All My Children will remember him from his 1996 to 2000 stint as Jake Martin. He's since briefly appeared on a couple of CBS soaps, ATWT and The Bold & The Beautiful, as well as episodic TV, most notably as the cop, Wes Tosterone, on Two And A Half Men. Lowry holds 2 degrees - impressive! - one in biology and the other in zoology, but how's this for a fun fact? In 2006 and 2007, he trained for and received his certification as an EMT!

Did I mention it's getting hot in here? I think I might pass out... medic!!

Visit Jason Tam's Official site.

A hat tip to: giovannif7 for the David A. Gregory screen caps.

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