Monday, October 26, 2009

Rock Hudson, Greta Garbo, George Hamilton & more from the 1960's jet set featured in a new photo exhibit

Check out some of Marina Cicogna's photographs (below) of the 1960s jet set at play. Her work is on display at an exhibit in London, England.

UK Guardian reports:
Fame as a photographer came relatively late to Marina Cicogna, an Italian woman in her mid-70s. Eighteen months ago she was talking to a gallery owner in Paris, and the conversation inspired her to re-examine some pictures of her own, just her and her friends in the 60s acting, partying, lying on the beach. Cicogna had lost the negatives, but the prints cleaned up quite well, and when they were hung at the gallery she found she had captured something rare: famous people who looked almost normal.

"Can you imagine Audrey Hepburn cavorting on the beach nowadays?" she says on the phone from her home in Modena, Italy. "Or Rock Hudson looking so relaxed with another man?"

Most of the photographs were taken between 1962 and 1968, after which, Cicogna says, "all the freedoms ended". The subjects trusted their photographer, but it may be they hardly noticed she was there. "I would never ask them to pose," Cicogna says. "Why would I? I was just with them, playing. I've had a lot of intimacy with many of these people." READ MORE AND VIEW THE PHOTO GALLERY

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