Thursday, December 17, 2009

Matthew Goode Shows Us 10 New Looks Of The Season

British actor Matthew Goode so perfectly smug in the movie Match Point returns in January with two very different films . In short, he gets naked for Tom Ford in A Single Man before charming the pants off Amy Adams in Leap Year!

GQ: Tom Ford is famous for his attention to detail. How did that play out on-set?

Matthew Goode: He’s got a hell of an aesthetic vision. On the first day of filming, I had to go off with Tom and the photographers to do a naked shot. And I had a few hairs not in place, so he had to ruffle my pubic hair a little bit. I’m not lying.

GQ: Are you sure that was for the movie?

Matthew Goode: Come on now, be nice.

GQ: This is the third film (in a row) where you’ve played a man with gay tendencies.

Matthew Goode: It’s like Ben Stiller going “full retard” in Tropic Thunder. This is my full gay. But Tom’s screenplay is so good. It’s a love poem to his partner.

GQ: So it’s just like the Amy Adams film?

Matthew Goode: I don’t think that one will shatter anyone’s illusions about love. But I hope people will go and watch it. If they don’t, it won’t be the first time.

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