Friday, February 05, 2010

Where are Hollywood’s gay men?

"The climate of fear for actors and celebrities is bizarrely arcane in a profession chocca with gays, especially when they are also the producers, agents and ones in control: it’s not just nasty homophobes oppressing gay men but gays themselves," reports the UK Times." It’s even more ludicrous when you think of all those actors forever banging on about the raw truthfulness of their craft (while scurrying around hiding their gay partners), considering that this prejudice is being practised in supposedly more enlightened times. It’s still the repressive 1950s in Hollywood. There used to be many vexed arguments about the rights and wrongs of outing, but, given the amout of prejudice out there, given the almost total invisibility of openly gay celebrities and powerbrokers, given that a few openly gay figureheads may actually prove a positive focus, a round of outings would do much to cleanse the entertainment world of its self-injected poison. It may even lead to more than one mass-market, gay-themed film in a blue moon being made, and dissolve the ridiculous acting boundaries that Firth eloquently alluded to this week. And really, come on, do gay actors have that much to lose? What kind of life do they want to live? READ MORE

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