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Monday, March 08, 2010

Sean Hayes speaks defiantly from his glass closet

Is anyone else less than impressed with actor, Sean Hayes? He doesn't actually say that he is a gay man. Besides promoting his new musical Promises, Promises - what was the point of doing an interview with The Advocate?

No doubt the best thing that’s happened to Hayes since Will & Grace is the change in his personal life. At last, Hayes opens up to reveal the tiniest bit about it. “I spend time with a special someone in my life,” he says. But after years of being burned, he won’t say another word about him or the quiet life they lead. “That’s it. That’s all I need,” he says. “I don’t need events. I don’t do a lot. I live my life like an 85-year-old man. I’m just quiet. It’s fantastic.”

Read full interview here.
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