Saturday, April 10, 2010

Talented Canadian hunk, Scott Gibson, in HBO's The Pacific

"Scott Gibson, who grew up in Nepean [Ontario, Canada], spent seven months in Australia filming The Pacific, the Tom Hanks-Stephen Spielberg series on U.S. Marines in the Second World War. Sometimes Gibson sat in Melbourne, waiting, and others times he was on location in the Australian rainforest or in a quarry outside Melbourne, waiting. It could have been rather peaceful, but for the explosions and gunfire," writes Peter Simpson. "You're all quiet, relaxed, sitting around, and then all hell breaks loose," Gibson says, laughing, over the phone from Los Angeles. "But our bullets were fake," he rushes to add. "The nature of the battles that the Marines and the Army fought over there were just an indescribable hell." Read more of the interview here.

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