Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shirtless Celebrity Sightings...

Rod 2.0 posted this hot shot of David Mcintosh, who some may remember as "Tornado" on the British television series Gladiators.

Here are some more sexy shirtless celebs...

Actor Zachary Levi (from the NBC sitcom "Chuck") was grabbing some beers while playing football on the beach with friends. I know there's a two-beer queer joke in here somewhere...

Kellan Lutz was snapped getting fitted for a loincloth (!) for his new film, Immortals. Kellan is playing the Greek god Poseidon. Go figure.

Where do I apply for a costume fitter job on this movie?!

And this just released still of Chace Crawford from his movie, Twelve. Is that how much Chace is hiding?

Zachary, Kellan and Chace pics courtesy JJ.

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