Wednesday, July 14, 2010

90210 plans to 'out' male character next season

The CW's 90210 will be having a lead male character come out of the closet as a gay man on the show. According to TV Fanatic the "producers swear isn't just another ratings-inspired stunt". So which hottie from the show will be gay?

Reports say that it will be either Liam (played by Matt Lanter), Navid (played by Michael Stiger) or Teddy (played by Trevor Donovan). Speculation is high that it'll be the Teddy Montgomery character, the resident ladies man.

Why are the producers adding a gay character to the show now? They could have had a gay character right from the beginning of the series. I think Hollywood Gossip hits the nail on the head, "[the show] can pretend as if it's dealing with real teenage issues here, but the truth is that 90210 is just exploiting homosexuality and using it to seem edgy."

The character of Teddy Montgomery was conceived to be ladies man. Trevor Donovan, in an interview with TV Guide said:

"... Well, I wouldn't call him a manwhore per se! He's not a player; he's not running around lying to these girls and dating a bunch of girls at different times. He's very honest and straightforward. I think he's just much more realistic about adult, more mature relationships instead of thinking, "Oh, this is the one and only" like a lot of high school kids do. He does genuinely care about all these women in his life. When he's dating a girl, he's upfront with them and lets them know that he's not Iooking for any sort of relationship. He's not deceitful in any way."

I checked out a few episodes of 90210 because I like actor,Trevor Donovan. It would be great to see him play a fully realized gay character, but I don't think the writing on this show is sophisticated enough to achieve that - perhaps I will be proven wrong.

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