Friday, July 23, 2010

John Slattery: The Silver Surfer

"John Slattery, Mad Men’s patrician rake, prefers wetsuits to three-piece suits. Slattery, 47, is SoCal casual in jeans and a T-shirt, his black-framed glasses a subtle nod to downtown New York, where he lives when he’s not shooting Mad Men. He says he was in the water at 5 a.m., the better to hang ten alone."

Mary Kaye Schilling writes:
After a little over a decade in the business, hopping between theater (his first notable job, in 1989, was alongside Nathan Lane in Terrence McNally’s The Lisbon Traviata) and character parts in movies and on TV, Slattery got a breakout role in 2000, playing one of Carrie Bradshaw’s love interests on Sex and the City—a politician with a urine fetish.

Mad Men saved him from being forever the guy who liked to be peed on (or principal Dennis Martino on Ed, or Eva Longoria Parker’s other husband on Desperate Housewives). It has also earned him three Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actor and a Roger Sterling Barbie doll.

In casting Roger, Weiner was looking for someone to be the office grown-up, and not just because of the prematurely white hair. “I’d seen him in the play Rabbit Hole, and I liked that he didn’t have a theatrical attack on dialogue,” says Weiner. “He doesn’t treat lines like they’re musical and abstract. John is an actor who is interested in reality. He’s a very funny person who has weight when he needs it.”

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