Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tom Hopper Covers Gay Times Mag

Actor Tom Hopper spoke to GAY TIMES about having gay fans: “I think gay fans are better than any kind of fan, than any demographic," he said. "A gay fan base is probably one of the most loyal, you don’t shut it away and I embrace it. I have so many gay mates, so many, if they wanna look at me in this and read about me and do whatever they wanna do then perfect, great.”

How does Tom feel when he's hit on by other guys? He said: “When it comes to guys, I don’t really think about it, if it happens it happens. I am a bit of a flirt though. I do flirt with guys just for a laugh and its fun, it’s just like chatting. I’m never closed off to anything. I’m never uncomfortable about things like that because I don’t see the point.”


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