Friday, October 15, 2010

No, Vince Vaughn, 'Gay' Is Not Comedy

So earlier today... Vince Vaughn issued a statement, not an apology, for this whole Dilemma gay joke thing. He basically said that it's all about comedy and teasing differences to bring us closer.

Oh, bullshit.

Not that I think that he was bullshitting us. I believe that he genuinely thinks he's making some sort of political stand for comedy and its odd ability to heal wounds and bridge gaps through mockery.

The thing is this. It is not OK to use gay as a pejorative, joking or not. I'm sorry if your hilarious comedy routines are now ruined, but it's not. It's not more OK than Vince Vaughn saying "The problem is, that car is black. Not like negro black, but y'know, black."

Do people really want to nobly stand up for their god-given comedy right to make this one, stupid, hackneyed "joke" at the expense of making people feel belittled and less than worthy?

People don't really realize how shitty these jokes are, because they're in a position of comfort and the joke doesn't affect them in any way except to make them feel more normal and accepted.
An excerpt from writer Richard Lawson's passionate article, No, Vince Vaughn, 'Gay' Is Not Comedy.