Monday, November 26, 2012

Grant Bowler: Charmed Life

When it comes to his career as an actor, Grant Bowler has led a charmed life. Grant has been exciting our screens for nearly two decades, emerging as an international TV star in that time.

The handsome (and frequently naked) actor's big break came when he was cast as Constable Wayne Patterson in "Blue Healers".

Since then, he's appeared on other popular Australian TV shows: "Stingers" (as Sean Peck, 1999 - 2001), "McLeod's Daughters" (as Jarred Wuchowski, 2004) and "Outrageous Fortune" (as Wolfgang West, 2005 - 2009).

Grant Bowler shirtless in scene from McLeod's Daughters
Grant actually began his career with a Shakespeare theatre company. In a recent interview with Da Man magazine, Bowler said:
“Starting out a career in a Shakespeare Company was the best grounding I could have wished for. I fell in love with the classics, with touring and with performing in repertory. Doing three different plays in the space of 36 hours is a challenge I’d love to take on again at some point in my career … now to find the time!”
Sex appeal and classical theatre training... now's that how we like our hunk actors!

Grant Bowler sporting sexy facial hair in Outrageous Fortune
Grant is best known in North America for his work on some high profile American TV shows: "Lost" (as Captain Gault, 2008), "Ugly Betty" (Connor Owens, 2008 - 2010), "True Blood" (as Cooter, 2010). Who could forget the nude scene in "True Blood" or the fabulous scene from "Ugly Betty" of Grant rising, Poseidon-like, from the sea (a la Daniel Craig's 007 James Bond)? With those gorgeous big shoulders and sexy, wet thighs, Grant made an indelible impression on American audiences. Swoon!

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Nude scene from True Blood
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Grant Bowler as Richard Burton and Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in "Liz & Dick"
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