Monday, November 26, 2012

Kathy & Liz & Dick & Hollywood

Last night, Lifetime aired "Liz & Dick", the much talked about TV movie starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton. Elizabeth Taylor was as a huge gay icon, making this trash-tacular TV-flick a must-see event for gay Hollywood. Cue Kathy Griffin...

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton in Lifetime bio-pic "Liz & Dick"
As Greg in Hollywood reports, gay fave Kathy Griffin hosted a viewing party of the movie. One of her guests was GLEE cutie, Chris Colfer. Kathy looked fabulous in Elizabeth Taylor 'drag'. And Kathy being Kathy, she live tweeted the event, too. Looks like it was a fun time!

Kathy Griffin and Chris Colfer at her viewing party for "Liz & Dick". And the reviews are in...
The movie was panned by TV critics. Greg in Hollywood got busy posting celebrity twitter reactions to the bio-pic. Here are a few that I thought were among the funniest:
Lance Bass (pop singer):
"Is it sad that I just ran thru the airport like I was in Home Alone just so I don't miss much of #LizandDick?"

Alan Cumming (The Good Wife, X-Men):
 "Judging by my twitter feed, I might be the only self-respecting queer not to have seen Liz and Dick. How was it? Really."
Peter Paige (Queer as Folk):
"I made it through nine minutes of LIZ & DICK."

My favorite tweet comes from actor BD Wong (Law & Order: SVU, Oz):
"This. Liz. &. Dick. Is. UMbelievable! Picture the Mona Lisa. OK got it? Now take a razor and carefully cut out her eyes. It’s like that!" 
Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor (cough, cough) and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton (nice try)
Greg in Hollywood says of the show:
"Grant Bowler is okay as Richard Burton but poor Lindsay Lohan is just completely miscast as Elizabeth Taylor. Does not capture her at all but the make-up and clothes help some!"
More celebrity tweets as covered by Greg in Hollywood

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