Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Out Movie Guide

When I want to know if a celebrity is openly gay I go to The Queer Online Database (a who's who of who's out). When I want to read well-written movie reviews or celebrity interviews I visit Movie Dearest. Now there's a terrifc new site called Out Movie Guide which focuses on gay film culture. Its posts are informative and I particularly like how each film has an awards and trivia section.

YOSSI and JAGGER (starring Ohad Knoller and Yehuda Levi) and SHELTER (starring Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe) are two of my favorite romantic dramas that I've seen in the last 10 years and that I can highly recommend. Here's little bit about them:

YOSSI and JAGGER starring Ohad Knoller and Yehuda Levi

From Out Movie Guide:
Two Israeli soldiers (Ohad Knoller and Yehuda Levi) find love while stationed at an outpost on the Lebanese border.

- Although the film did not receive production assistance from the Israeli army, it was later screened at Israeli military bases.

- GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Film - Limited Release.
- Tribeca Film Festival Award for Best Actor (Knoller).

SHELTER starring Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe

From Out Movie Guide:
When his college dreams are sidelined by family obligations, aspiring artist Zach (Trevor Wright) finds an escape in surfing with his best friend's brother Shaun (Brad Rowe). Their unexpected romance causes problems between Zach and his family.

- Directorial debut of Jonah Markowitz.

- GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Film - Limited Release.
- L.A. Outfest Audience Award for First Dramatic Feature.

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