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Monday, April 25, 2016

Classic Hunk Sam Elliott Has a New Show on Netflix Called, "The Ranch"

Netflix has a new comedy called, "The Ranch." The main draw for some is the reteaming of "That 70's Show" alums Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. But for me, my interest was piqued for two other reasons: Debra Winger and Sam Elliott. These two veteran actors rarely disappoint. The reviews aren't great with many critics saying it's too formulaic. So, we will see how it goes as some shows just need more time to develop.

"The Ranch" tells the story of two brothers trying to run a cattle ranch and the difficulties they have in being business men. Interviewer Oliver Trevena at Young Hollywood gets the scoop in this video interview. The actors share with Trevena, "how they strive for as much realism as possible (thanks to the knowledge of experienced outdoorsman Mr. Elliott)."

Watch Interview: Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson discuss their new show, "The Ranch"

Sam Elliott: Hollywood's Hirsute Hunk

I, like so many other gay men, have had a serious crush on Mr Elliott since he burst (bulged?) on the Hollywood scene back in the 1970's. The two films of Sam Elliott's that really made me stand up and take notice (yes, I am using a euphemism here) were: "Lifeguard" (1976) and "The Legacy" (1978). There's a great scene in "The Legacy" where Sam gets out of bed completely naked and we see him step into the shower. The scene continues as he lathers up his furry chest with soap. Check out the full scene in the video below!

You can also view my previous post which has Sam Elliott in a classic scene from "Lifeguard".

Sam Elliott shows off his hairy chest in the 1976 film, "Lifeguard"

Watch: Sam Elliott scrubs his hairy chest in the shower (The Legacy 1978)

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