Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Meet: Activist & Dancer, Moses Mbai

Written by Ian Haddock  | The Normal Anomaly |
The Normal Anomaly seeks narratives of people, specifically in the Black LGBT community, that increases awareness and education while promoting conversation that normalizes our culture to the world! 

Moses Mbai’s story is the perfect narrative when considering how collective power comes to collective solution. With the support of his family and friends, he has attained something that even he himself didn’t believe he could grasp. Looking at him, you would probably get a complete misconception of who this guy that sat right next to me full of humility was. Indeed, a normal anomaly. As we were sitting there chatting before the interview, his mom called and he reminded me of every mama’s boy I had ever seen—including me.

Moses wasn’t Mr. TSU [Texas Southern University], ballroom kid, or social activist at that moment; he was just his momma’s boy.

Most people forget the man behind the body and I am excited to see him transforming right before our eyes. Always super nice and humble, Moses was most well-known for what people would easily consider his “thirst traps”.

In true Moses fashion, he responds candidly, “When I would post my sexy or shirtless pictures that’s usually when I’m most insecure and vulnerable. You would think (I take the pictures) because I am so confident and feel so sexy, but it’s the exact opposite,” and he goes on to say while laughing, “And I don’t get the picture the first time. It’s like a thousand pictures with edits here and there.”

That’s what I love about him: super authentic, normal and yet a superhero.

Moses has been an influencer in the LGBT community for many years. From his affiliation with some of the most successful people in the community to his infamous white brief picture to him walking and winning the sex siren category as a GarÇon in the ballroom community to his collegiate career, you will find him making a splash in multiple scenes.


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