Sunday, January 08, 2017

Hirsute Male We Salute You (Part 3)

By popular demand, we again take the opportunity here to pay homage to hairy chested men with a new visit to the land of the hirsute male. Our hirsute landscape is as diverse as ever, featuring another fine assortment of hairy men. A hairy man never goes out of style, no matter what fashion trends may dictate, as many of our readers have confirmed.

To paraphrase what we said in our original salute, whether a man has hair that is rough or soft, curly or straight, woolly or clipped, his allure is timeless and undeniable, his masculinity proudly on display, the hidden depths of his hairy chest beholding an adventure waiting to be explored.

Once again, to the hirsute male, we salute you!

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