Thursday, March 09, 2017

Erasing Queer Shame Through Classic Illustrations

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Written by Justin Moran

Félix D'Eon has long been fascinated with art history, reveling in everything from Edwardian fashion and the golden-era of American comics, to Japanese printmaking and children's book illustrations. Though visually enrapturing, the subject matter of these works never connected with D'Eon, who's a queer Chicano man, born in Mexico and raised in Southern California. Here, the artist saw an important opportunity.

By appropriating the aesthetic of classic illustrations and trading out straight subjects for his own LGBTQ characters, D'Eon found he could use an already established visual language to showcase queer communities in a celebratory light. His work features a multicultural spectrum of queer love, seduction and sex, all presented in an antiquitous format that aims to normalize and empower historically marginalized people. READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE