Thursday, November 23, 2017

How 80's Sex Symbol Richard Gere Helped Launch The Armani Fashion Brand in Hollywood

Written by Tempe Nakiska

The look made waves on its own though it was Richard Gere’s Armani wardrobe in Paul Schrader’s American Gigolo (1980) that really cemented the designer’s place in Hollywood and properly introduced fashion to the concept of Hollywood dressing. For while Gere’s LA callboy Julian was endearing, the real publicity machine of the film was Gere himself. Armani got the hype potential. And though the film was costumed as a whole by Bernadene C. Mann, Gigolo itself was about Armani. Armani’s neutral toned, relaxed cuts framed a high flying LA lifestyle, but that was just the pretext. What was actually happening was branding in motion– on Gere, in Hollywood, on screen.

That Armani has gone on to outfit actors in over 200 films (highlights including gangster three pieces in The Untouchables, his and hers tailoring for Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman in Gattaca and Leonardo DiCaprio’s top dog pinstripes in The Wolf of Wall Street), pays testament to his devotion to fashion in film. READ MORE

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