Friday, February 12, 2021

Disney and The AIDS Crisis, 5 Relationship Facts, Secret Life of H.G. Carrillo & MORE!

A celebrated writer and professor, he challenged his students to take hold of their own narrative. But the truth came out — his life story, like his books, was a work of fiction. As a gay black man claiming a manufactured cultural experience and ethnicity, Carrillo is a complicated figure. More.

The non-conforming have existed for millennia, as have participants in same-sex behavior. Before proceeding, I know this is an extremely sensitive topic that often provokes shock, even dismay. I write as a queer individual, queer in a political sense and queer in terms of my gender (genderqueer) and sexuality (ace-gay). I also write as a professor who teaches queer studies, queer theory, and queer history, among other subjects. More.

The social-media celebrity JoJo Siwa has built an empire by dressing in sparkly rainbow outfits while chattering about individuality and self-acceptance. But when she wanted the world to know that she was queer, she let Lady Gaga do the talking. In a TikTok last month, the 17-year-old Siwa filmed herself grinning and lip-synching to Gaga’s 2011 hit “Born This Way.” Released 10 years ago, “Born This Way” made unity sound defiant. More.

"Valentine’s Day this year will be unlike any in recent memory as coronavirus-related restrictions continue to limit what Americans can do to celebrate," write Amanda Barroso and Anna Brown. But many Americans may still find special ways to mark the holiday with their loved ones or hop on a dating website or app to meet someone new!

Married and cohabiting adults are just as satisfied with their relationships as they were before the coronavirus outbreak. 
(2) Three-in-ten Americans had used a dating site or app as of 2019, and most said their experiences were positive. When it comes to sexual orientation, lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) adults were about twice as likely as straight adults to say they had used a dating site or app (55% vs. 28%). 
(3) Single Americans said in 2019 that they were generally open to dating people from a variety of backgrounds, but some characteristics would give them pause. 
(4) Most Americans said in 2019 that premarital and casual sex were at least sometimes acceptable, but sex on a first date and open relationships were seen as more taboo. 
(5) As of 2019, single Americans ages 65 and older were less likely to be looking to date, but around a quarter had still tried online dating. 

Disney and The AIDS Crisis by Rowan Ellis
Let's talk about Howard Ashman, Beauty and the Beast, the AIDS epidemic, and the Disney Renaissance!

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