Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aaron Eckhart: "... I have a lot of gay friends...I pick my own views and beliefs"

"Much like Dist. Atty. Harvey Dent, the comic book character he’ll be playing in next year’s Batman movie, THE DARK KNIGHT, Aaron Eckhart's film career has a shady side," writes Brandon Voss. "Nearly a decade after his breakthrough role as a sociopathic misogynist in Neil LaBute's IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, he earned a Golden Globe nomination for his role as a debatably crooked tobacco lobbyist in 2006’s THANK YOU FOR SMOKING. This July, Eckhart lightens up in NO RESERVATIONS as a cocksure culinary bon vivant. The 39-year-old had no reservations about discussing his undeniable bad guy appeal and Mormon upbringing—just don’t ask him to dish on Lindsay".

Brandon Voss: Did you know you had a big gay following?
Aaron Eckhart: No! Honestly, I didn’t think I had any following, so this is great.

Brandon Voss: Which of your film roles do you think won us over?
Aaron Eckhart: Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe the one in Erin Brockovich, because he rode a motorcycle?

Brandon Voss: Well, we are suckers for a rugged, handsome man. Are you comfortable being a sex symbol?
Aaron Eckhart: I’m happy with how I look, but I really don’t think that’s how people see me—as this good-looking guy. I’ve just made a lot of movies, you know? So I guess that means I’m not comfortable with it. [Laughs]

Brandon Voss: How did your Mormon upbringing affect your views on homosexuality?
Aaron Eckhart: It was something that really wasn’t talked about. It just wasn’t something I even thought about, because I wasn’t really around it until I came to New York City and lived in Chelsea. Now I have a lot of gay friends. At the end of the day, I pick my own views and beliefs.

Brandon Voss: Who was the first gay person you met?
Aaron Eckhart: I’ll always remember. I was working in a restaurant in California with a guy who was gay, and I asked him, “What do you feel when you look at a guy?” And he said, “Well, Aaron, what do you feel when you look at that girl over there, and she’s beautiful and you really want to be with her?” That’s when I got it: It’s the same thing.

Brandon Voss: Do you have any celebrity man-crushes?
Aaron Eckhart: There are definitely a lot of actors that I admire...