Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Jason Mraz and the 'Gay Love Affair'

Singer/songwriter Jason Mraz's new CD, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things debuted on the Billboard Pop Album chart at the number three spot last month. Not too shabby. The CD cover above (right) is okay - BUT - me thinks that if Jason had used the photo on the left as his cover, he'd have gone straight to number one... I'm just saying.


What I love about Mr. A-Z is that he's so pro-gay.

Back in April, Jason had this to say in an interview with NewNowNext:

Why do you think you’ve always had gay friends?
I don’t know. I was hanging out with my best friends last night … We’ve been best friends for about 15 years now, we just realized. We all met in about ninth grade, and my best friend in the world, his freshman year in college is when he came out. And you know, he was my best friend in the world, and he still is; I wasn’t going to change friends. And he sort of became a magnet for a lot of new friends - you know what I mean?

And when I moved to San Diego, the first guy I met who sort of championed my career was this guy Jerry - super gay guy, just ... super friend. I didn’t have a car, so he would drive me to all my gigs, drive me to the open mic nights and make me play. And he would be the guy walking through the crowd being like, Sign up on his email list and come back and see him. And Jerry was dating Ben, my manager now, who is also gay.

To me it’s not an issue of gay or straight; it’s just a coincidence that the people I hang out with happened to be … gay folk. And I, as a writer, have always written from a feminine side. I take yoga, and I practice my spirituality, to balance my heaven and earth, to balance my masculine and my feminine, you know? And I think what I find hanging out in the gay community, there’s more of a balance in the masculine and feminine qualities in the lifestyle than in a typical straight relationship or just in a straight person.

And I try not to discriminate between either, but I definitely am able to flow and feel more ... just the me I want to be ... thanks to the courageousness of my gay friends.

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Image source: Jason Mraz

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