Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rufus Wainwright: 'Barbara Bush Is A Fag Hag And A Spawn Of Satan'

Andrew Williams writes:
Singer Rufus Wainwright (pictured), 34, is a former drug addict who was helped into rehab by Elton John. He has earned a cult following and his last album, Release The Stars, got to No.2 in the [UK] charts. He recently did a series of shows in which he re-enacted Judy Garland's 1961 Carnegie Hall gig. Wainwright plays London's Kenwood House on Saturday [in the UK].

What’s your favourite piece of stage wear?
Rufus Wainwright: As a true homosexualist, I have to go with the Judy Garland outfit as it was easy and iconic. It was the Get Happy outfit, a fitted blazer with stockings and heels and a Cuban hat.

You used to socialise with Barbara Bush Jr. Is she fun to booze with?

Rufus Wainwright: I only did that very briefly. The thing about the Bushes is even though they’re the spawn of Satan they are extremely charming and congenial. I liked Barbara, she’s a fag hag.

What songs can’t you stand?

Rufus Wainwright: I’m a huge fan of Amy Winehouse, she’s so brilliant but I’m so tired of hearing her. It’s everywhere all the time. Congratulations on her success but we need to go back to white, ha ha.

Do you get weird fan mail?

Rufus Wainwright: I get a lot of scarves and brooches. I have a strong maternal fanbase in Britain. They’d all individually take a bullet for me. I also get a lot of mail from heterosexual men who are willing to sleep with me to further their careers.