Thursday, August 28, 2008

70 is the new 40: The first out gay man to win Mr. America, Jim Morris is going stronger than ever

John Jameson writes:
The first out gay man to win the Mr. America title, in 1973, Jim Morris (pictured) is going stronger than ever, working as a personal trainer in L.A.'s Marina del Rey and posing, magnificently, for our photo portfolio "The Naked Truth" -- at age 73! Truly raising the bar on the concept of aging gracefully, Jim talks frankly about gays and self-perception, his vegan diet, steroids, and his wild night with Elton John, John Lennon, and Divine.

Congratulations on maintaining your Mr. America physique into your 70s -- it’s truly inspirational and proof that bodybuilding is a pathway to living long and living well. How have you managed to stay motivated all this time?

Jim Morris: Staying motivated is not a problem because once I realized I could be as healthy as I was willing to work for, I could never do otherwise. All the functions of day-to-day living are the same functions that determine the aging process, all of which are under our control. Aging and living are one and the same process; therefore all of the processes of living, which we control, are controlling how we age. So staying motivated for my lifestyle not only is not hard, I cannot do otherwise.