Monday, August 17, 2009

'Degrassi' Stars Dish On Their Upcoming New Movie, Drake & TWF (Tweeting While Famous)

Canadian teen drama 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' is the secret everyone knows, flying just under the radar for nearly a decade, picking up fans from 5 to 50. The show has launched numerous high-profile careers from its enormous cast, like rapper Drake, '90210' star Shenae Grimes and Nina Dobrev of upcoming series 'Vampire Diaries.' Two of its most beloved stars are Lauren Collins and Adamo Ruggiero, who appear in the new feature-length movie 'Degrassi Goes Hollywood.' Lauren and Adamo stopped by the PopEater offices to discuss the challenges of growing up on camera, how fame in Canada stacks up to fame in the States - and Adamo shares the unique experience of watching his character embrace his sexuality before the actor could.

Popeater writes:

On being cast as a gay character before realizing he was, in fact, gay: 
Adamo: "I think walking in, whether people think this is stereotypical or not, it's important to mention - I was a little effeminate. I was really shy, and I think ['Degrassi' creator Linda Schuyler] saw that shyness and insecurity at that age. How many of us say, 'Oh, we know he's going to be gay?' I think I walked in there and I spoke to that. I'm so glad that they recognized those qualities in me, because I don't see them as negative. I see them as me."
"[My character] Marco and I have always gone hand-in-hand. He came out steps ahead of me... Marco was my role model. I had a whole manual in script form, and I looked up to him. At the beginning I sort of resented his bravery... and then I followed in his footsteps. Now, looking back, I've kind of gone past him, and I can appreciate him as a means to an end. He gave me the tools I needed to understand myself. I don't know about the level of my gayness if not for Marco."

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