Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Basterds' Is Twitter Age's 1st Success Story

This is interesting... Adweek reports: "Finally, a Twitter effect that benefits a movie instead of hurts it. After lukewarm tweets from Friday screenings caused weekend drops for movies like Bruno and Funny People earlier this summer, Inglourious Basterds came along this weekend and rode a crest of tweeting goodwill." But, I might add, it doesn't hurt to have Brad Pitt in the movie either.

Adweek reports:
The movie held fast after its $14 million Friday to finish at $37.6 million for Quentin Tarantino (it was his biggest opening ever, though Pulp Fiction launched in an earlier, slower-rollout time) and, to the delight of media everywhere, provide plenty of fodder. The initial fear for Basterds was that filmgoers expecting a pure action movie -- the movie that the Weinsteins marketed -- would be disappointed and give it a thumbs-down once the pic unspooled. That would ding the film as it played throughout the weekend -- especially as the more generous Tarantino fans who rushed out to see the movie Friday gave way to more general audiences over the weekend. But the movie actually held its ground and even picked up steam as the weekend went on, as even Saturday Twitterers enthusiastically tweeted and re-tweeted their approval. Most tweets proclaimed the film a winner and Tarantini's best effort in years. READ MORE

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