Thursday, August 27, 2009

All about Coop and Sandy

Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock premiered their new film, All About Steve, at Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Coop and Sandy looked equally ravishing as they posed for photographers on the red carpet. Let's hope they have as much chemistry together as Sandy and her last co-star (some guy by the name of Ryan Reynolds... lol). The comedy will be out on September 4th.

What's "All About Steve" about?

Crossword puzzle constructor Mary Horowitz (Sandra Bullock) is smart and pretty. Set up on a blind date with Steve (Bradley Cooper), Mary thinks the chemistry is undeniable and just knows she has found her soulmate. She decides to do anything and go anywhere to be with him. Mary’s escalating infatuation is encouraged by the self-serving actions of news reporter Hartman Hughes (Thomas Haden Church) who enjoys torturing Steve at every opportunity. As the news team criss-crosses the country covering breaking news stories, Steve becomes increasingly unhinged as Mary trails them. source