Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Joseph Gordon-Levitt covers Nylon Guys

Joseph Gordon-Levitt covers the recent issue of Nylon Guys magazine. He's one of my favourite actors and one of Hollywood's rising film stars. Nylon Guys notes: The former child star plays a manic war hero and a manic monogamist, respectively, and that alone makes him interesting. Sift in his directorial debut, a short called Sparks, that debuted this year at Sundance, and the 28-year-old becomes positively fascinating.

Below are some cool pics and excerpts from the interview. Enjoy!

Is Joseph hitting the gym?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: "I remember realizing, when I played my part in Mysterious Skin, how much overlap there was between a prostitute and an actor. I was putting a lot of thought into what it would be like to have sex for money. It's really similar in a lot of ways, because you kind of have to play a role and satisfy your audience. And absolutely have them be attracted to you."

On his teen years after 3rd Rock from the Sun

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: "Everyone gets fucked with in high school. I was fucked with because I was on TV. And I think when you're not used to that, the world can be pretty harsh... I was probably a bit of a dick [back then]. I mean, not a dick but I had very simplistic and strong feelings about things, and right and wrong."

Why he majored in French at Columbia

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: "To be honest, I totally have a fetish for girls who are speaking French - I spend the whole movie turned on... I'm really excited because Marion Cotillard is in [his next movie] Inception. I'm excited to meet her."

Read more at Nylon Guys.

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