Friday, August 21, 2009

Mika conquered Europe, will he finally conquer America with his new CD?

UK pop star Mika's debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion, sold over 5 million copies worldwide. He conquered Europe, is he ready to conquer America with his new CD, The Boy Who Knew Too Much?

Richard Smirke writes:
At first impression, the man no one knows as Michael Penniman seems uncharacteristically quiet. As he takes a well-earned break from rehearsing for a tour to promote one of the year's most eagerly anticipated global releases, he seems tired and anxious, a far cry from his usual upbeat ebullience. He knows it, and he apologizes politely for his demeanor before taking a drawn-out pause to refocus and return as the witty, charming, unashamedly upbeat force of nature the world knows and-mostly-loves as Mika.

"It's always a big stress figuring out how to do things live," he says, becoming more animated with every word. "It's really kind of terrifying. I wish I could just mime. I'd be so much happier." Pause. "I'm joking, of course."'

"Witty," "charming" and "unashamedly upbeat" are also words that could be used to describe Mika's music - a winning mix of radio-friendly piano ballads, sexual ambiguity and melodic pop. READ MORE

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