Saturday, September 12, 2009

Africentric Alternative School opens in Toronto

Africentric Alternative School had a controversial opening Tuesday in Toronto. It was created after parents banded together and lobbied school trustees. More from

Supporters of the Africentric Alternative School maintain that it's important for children to understand their history and culture. They also point to a 40 per cent school dropout rate among black students. "This will be an example of how we take the African experience and integrate it much more meaningfully and much more substantially into all areas of learning," said Lloyd McKell of the Toronto District School Board.

Donna Harrow, co-founder of the Africentric school, said it represents a choice for students "that will help them and their success within the system." School trustee Josh Matlow isn't sold on the idea, however. "Black parents in my community tell me that they want their kids to go to school with their friends — they don't care what they look like," Matlow said.

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