Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Brand of vehicle less important than gay-friendly dealer, says research

A new study of LGBT car buyers, done by our friends at concludes that buying from a gay-friendly dealer is more important than buying a specific brand. The research, taken from's own user searches of car dealerships, showed that more than 48% of LGBT car buyers didn't specify a particular brand when doing a dealer search.

"Our consumers’ behavior indicates that a gay-friendly buying environment is one of the single most-important factors when gay car shoppers are looking for their next new or used vehicle," said founder, Joe LaMuraglia.

Some car companies, like Subaru, are quite open in the LGBT community. However, while we can applaud a company for being gay-friendly in their corporate advertising, we have to ask if that 'friendliness' is actively being encouraged at the dealer level. One can only imagine how the LGBT car buying experience differs in various parts of the country. It is no surprise then that so many LGBT car buyers would choose to shop for vehicles online first, before heading to a potentially unwelcoming dealership to make their purchase.