Monday, September 14, 2009

Colin Farrell grabs paparazzo at TIFF

Colin Farrell, accompanied by his sister, was at the Toronto International Film Festival with his new film, Triage, when photographers kept shouting for his sister to move out of the way so that they could get a clearer shot of him. Colin lost his cool and grabbed the paparazzo telling him, "Do not shout at my sister like that, do not ever speak to my sister like that ever." Irish Central reports:

The Irishman, who’s been known to lose his cool in the past, was at the international film festival for the premiere of “Triage,” in which he plays a photojournalist suffering from the psychological effects of war. He arrived at the Elgin Theatre, when photographers began shouting for his entourage to “get off the carpet.” Farrell then angrily approached London-based Joe Alvarez, who was among those yelling at his companions. Alvarez has revealed what happened next, saying: “With celebs you get a lot of hangers-on, PRs, everyone and their wives surrounding the stars and we are limited for space. “I was just saying, 'please can everyone clear the carpet, move on.’ “He took it personal. He said, 'Do not shout at my sister like that, do not ever speak to my sister like that ever.’”

The confrontation quickly died down, and Farrell returned to his spot on the carpet and went on to take his seat in the theatre. Minutes after the incident, the actor was asked if playing a photojournalist had made him more sympathetic to showbiz photographers. “It is completely separate,” Farrell said. “I wouldn't ever compare, comparison is a dangerous business.”