Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Gay Housewives of New York" to air on Logo

Gawker reports:
The show, tentatively titled Kept will air on all-gay, all-day channel Logo. It will focus on fabulous Manhattan party boys who like boys living the high-life. They're hoping that there may be some sugar daddy element involved (hello, what gay boy doesn't want their own Big Poppa?), but they won't know until the show is cast. The MTV-owned channel hasn't announced the production company yet, but we have to assume that it's going to be True Entertainment, the company that floated some casting emails this summer and who make the Atlanta show for Bravo. In a couple of weeks there will be an open casting call in New York, and they're hoping to have all the gay-listers ready to start filming by November so that the series can air in 2010.