Friday, September 25, 2009

Gay U.S. couples can't get divorces for their Canadian marriages

Gay couples from the United States have been getting married in cities like Vancouver ever since same-sex marriage became legal in Canada - now - they are running into trouble getting divorces, according to an Oregon lawyer.

CBC reports:
Several of those couples have since approached Oregon lawyer Beth Allen looking for a divorce, but Oregon doesn't recognize gay marriage, or divorce, so they can't get a divorce there, she said. As well, a residency requirement in Canada's Divorce Act requires one of the two married people to live in this country for a year before a divorce can be granted, and those U.S. states which recognize gay marriage also have residency requirements for divorce. The news almost always comes as a shock for the couples, Allen told CBC New on Friday morning. "It's really a horror story for those who went up there hoping for a lifetime of happiness... and having an extra layer of trouble on that dissolution," said Allen. READ MORE