Friday, September 25, 2009

Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley slams homophobic remarks made by U.N. President

Illinois Representative Mike Quigley (pictured) has slammed the United Nations president's anti-gay remarks, which I posted about yesterday. Ali Abdussalam Treki, the U.N. President said: "As a Muslim, I am not in favor of it [homosexuality] … it is not accepted by the majority of countries. My opinion is not in favor of this matter at all. I think it's not really acceptable by our religion, our tradition. It is not acceptable in the majority of the world. And there are some countries that allow that, thinking it is a kind of democracy … I think it is not.”

OnTopMag reports:
Congressman Quigley, a Democrat and longtime ally to the gay and lesbian community, responded on Thursday. “I respect that there is a healthy diversity of viewpoints across our country and around the world, but to preserve that very freedom of expression, human rights need to be our common denominator,” Quigley told On Top Magazine in an email. “With regard to the gentleman's remarks, what's 'not acceptable' is drawing geographic borders around equality,” he added.
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