Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paris Hilton refuses to hold up a "Stop Homophobia" sign, is booed off stage

The last thing gays need is Paris Hilton to act as a champion for our rights. Case in point...

Faded Youth reports:
She was expected to be the godmother of the evening and as the champion of gay rights, but in the end Paris Hilton proved she was no friend of gays and gay rights. It happened last night at the Borgo del Tempo Perso known as a very friendly gay club. There was controversy during the evening concerning a misunderstanding over a sign that initially she refused to hold which read ” Stop Homophobia.” The rejection sparked the ire of the gay community as they booed her off the stage.

But after a hectic discussion within her entourage, Paris changed her mind and happily agreed to hold the sign and later apologized if there had been any misunderstanding. The event ‘Join the Gap’, was organized by dall’Arcigay of Milan and took place at the disco Borgo del Tempo Perso.