Saturday, September 19, 2009

Elton John may be able to care for 'baby Lev' after all says Ukrainian government minister

Lev, the 14 month old Ukrainian toddler, who is HIV positive, has been the centre of a media storm since the 62 year old pop singer Elton John announced that he wished to adopt the child. Authorities have come up with a compromise that would allow him to raise the child in the UK.

UK Pink News reports:
Earlier this week the Orthodox Church in Ukraine said that gay singer Sir Elton John is "a sinner" and should not be allowed to adopt a child from one of the country's orphanages. The singer has not made a formal adoption application, but admitted that a boy he met while visiting an institution had "stolen his heart" and changed his mind about adopting a child. In reaction to the announcement, Ukraine's family, youth and sports minister, Yuri Pavlenko, said the country's laws would not allow it because Sir Elton is too old and in a same-sex relationship. However, Mr Pavlenko announced yesterday that Sir Elton "has the right and opportunity to invite the family of this boy to visit him, take them under his guardianship and help him grow into a good person." If the popstar decides to care of the child it is likely that the childs living mother and brother will have regular access and support from the celebrity couple. Read more at UK Pink News.

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