Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tim Hardaway helps, but doesn’t like, gay people

Here's a an excerpt, from a very thought provoking editorial by's Cyd Zeigler, about the Tim Hardaway Foundation co-sponsoring a South Beach event for The Trevor Project:

It’s tough to forget what Tim Hardaway [pictured] said a couple years ago (”I hate gay people“), but he is trying to make amends. This Sunday, the Tim Hardaway Foundation is co-sponsoring a South Beach event for The Trevor Project, which aims to fight suicide among gay teens. That’s great. Hardaway clearly wants to move well past his comments and we should commend that.

My question: Why does he want to move past it?

His real motivation in “helping” gay people and making gay-positive statements is crystal clear in another quote in the Herald:

"The endorsements will never come back. People have taken that and it’s gone. I understand that. I’m trying to look for work and provide for my family. All that stuff has left me high and dry. I have to dig for work."

Ahhhhh. That’s it. He still doesn’t like gay people, he certainly doesn’t approve of us or our “acts,” but because he lost a lot of money when he said he hated us, he’s trying to improve his image. Read Cyd's full editorial here