Monday, October 26, 2009

Vigil Held for Christopher Skinner, Who Was beaten and Run Over by a SUV

In silence, a stream of people walked through Toronto's gay community Sunday night, holding candles and retracing the fateful walk Christopher Skinner took a week ago. Many clutched white roses, clung to rainbow flags and handed out pamphlets with a photograph of the blond-haired man, promising that "the light of him will burn forever." Watch video below.
CBC reports:
(Toronto, Canada) More than 1,000 people wound through streets near the downtown core, stopping at the place where Skinner was beaten and run over. "It was a hate crime in the sense that it was the most vile, hate-filled and violent act you could imagine, so that's what we're here to speak out against," said Jeff Myers, a member of the gay community and one of the organizers of the vigil. Friends clung to each other crying, as a single voice began singing Amazing Grace and slowly more voices joined in. "The most important thing is we're here to say no to all hate crimes," said Myers, not wanting to speculate that the murder was motivated by Skinner's sexuality.

Christopher Skinner, 27, was beaten and run over by a black SUV on Oct. 18 after attending his sister's birthday party. Police released video last week, which showed Skinner attempting to hail a cab when he intentionally or unintentionally struck the suspect's vehicle with his hand. Although investigators say the actions were not those of a hate crime, many people in the gay community wanted to bring awareness to the case. READ MORE
Candlelight vigil for Christopher Skinner held in Toronto