Monday, October 05, 2009

David Letterman publicly apologizes to his wife

David Letterman apologized to his wife Regina Lasko during a taping of his talk show Monday afternoon – his first appearance since revealing the alleged extortion plot against him last week.

People reports:
David Letterman, 62, addressed the audience by saying that Lasko was hurt by the events and that he's sorry, audience member Sheila Bernstein of Bayside, N.Y., told PEOPLE after the taping. The talk show host also said he has work cut out for him in terms of repairing their relationship.

During his opening monologue, Letterman noted what a tough time this has been for both current and past staff members of his production company, Worldwide Pants. "He said he didn't think through what he said when he apologized on his show last week," said one audience member. "He apologized to his female staff members because they've all been put through a lot in the past few days. He was very sincere." But Letterman also found time for some dry humor.

The first thing he said when he walked onstage was, "Wow, that weekend went fast." Letterman then started to laugh along with the crowd, according to audience members. READ MORE