Thursday, October 01, 2009

Domestic partnership certificates issued in Nevada

Nevada's secretary of state issued domestic partnership certificate No. 1 at the state Capitol on Thursday as a state law providing many of the same legal rights as marriage to gay and straight partners went into effect.

The Houston Chronicle reports:
The first couple to be issued the certificate — Lee Cagley and Larry Davis — shared tears and laughter and were congratulated by Secretary of State Ross Miller. "This gives us the legal rights to act for each other's benefit," said Davis, a funeral home director. "It's a wonderful privilege and we're grateful." Cagley, 58, and Davis, 48, said they've been in a relationship for three years, and held a commitment ceremony on Oct. 13, 2007, in Las Vegas. They also were married in California on Aug. 3, 2008, before voters there overturned gay marriage in the state.

While Nevada's constitution bans same-sex marriage, the domestic partnership law extends rights similar to those held by married couples — including community property and the right to seek financial support after a breakup — to cohabitating couples.

Nevada joins 16 other states that have laws recognizing domestic arraignments outside of marriage. READ MORE